【To rise/To hang】

These recent vocabulary words are giving me a hard time. If anyone knows a good way to remember these it would be a big help.

上がる/上げる = To rise/To raise

下がる/下げる = To hang down/To hang


2 thoughts on “【To rise/To hang】

  1. Make your own mnemonics when things are harsh.
    “上がる/上げる = To rise/To raise” doesn’t actually need them because you just have to notice that ‘ri-‘ has an あ sound, hence 上がる, and ‘rai-‘ has an え sound, hence 上げる.
    “下がる/下げる = To hang down/To hang”, though, was a huge problem for me as well. You can maybe use 下げる as “To lower” and remember the ‘e’ for the げ and the ‘a’ for the が on 下がる from ‘hang’ or the あ sound on ‘down’.

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