【KO】 What I’ve grasped so far…

I’m currently on Unit 1: Lesson 6 of the “How to Study Korean” site. It’s about conjugating with honorifics. @~@ I think this is the section I was looking forward to most because these are the conjugations most used when speaking. The lesson before this was about conjugations that are most used when writing a book/journal/diary, which honestly I can’t really remember. I have to go back and look at it all the time. Anyway, I’m going to try to put some sentences together here.

I like to study Korean.

저는 배운 한국어를 좋아해요.

I have a cute dog.

저는 귀여운 개 있다.

I’m not sure how to conjugate with honorifics for this one. Anyone help please? x_x

My name is Poromia.

저의 이름이는 Poromia.

제 이름은 Poromia예요. [Corrected by abbydesu.]

While I studied, my sister ate.

제가 배우다, 언니는 먹어요. First fail try.

제가 한국어를 배우다 동안, 언니는 밥을 먹어요.

This one probably isn’t correct either. Any advice would be great.


4 thoughts on “【KO】 What I’ve grasped so far…

  1. For this one, 저는 귀여운 개 있다, 있다 becomes 있어요 when you conjugate it to present tense and 있었어요 for past tense ^^

    oh yeah, this “저의 이름이는 Poromia” is wrong. I think it should be 제 이름은 Poromia예요. ^^

    Note: Im studying korean too but im taking a break from it :p. Im still a beginner though. lol good luck on your studies~ ^^

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